Forthcoming events:
Sacred singing - Monday 1st April

Sunday 28th April - Day of peace dances led by Yelena Swarana and myself - see DUP page
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Shrine room

This dedicated space in my garden is a beautiful wooden hexagonal room; it seats up to 25 or accommodates 16 dancers in a circle. The views across the valley are a constant nourishment to the spirit.
Just below Thrupp Primary School, 1.5 miles south-east of Stroud, above the A419 Cirencester Rd. See directions.

Sacred singing
Unaccompanied chanting/harmony group one evening a month - 1st Monday 7.30-9.15pm.

Dances of Universal Peace
In these dances, we sing sacred mantras and make simple movements in a circle. They are a moving meditation or a body-prayer and can help us access deeper aspects of being than our busy analytical minds allow. 

True story - or rural myth?

In summer, our singing at dusk often seems to elicit a response from blackbirds and owls in the garden. That reminds me that

Kingskerswell in Devon is known locally for its eccentric inhabitants. Two women from opposite ends of the village met for the first time, and seeking a topic of conversation, one said that her husband loved owls and went to the bottom of the garden each evening at dusk, calling them up by hooting. The other woman said her husband did the same ... and it turned out there are no owls in that village, just two men hooting at each other.