I moved to Thrupp, just outside Stroud, in 2005 after 25 years working as a family doctor in Bristol. Having grown up in the next valley (in Nailsworth), I have a deep connection with this landscape, with its stone villages and steep hills, and its rich plant and animal life. I love the diversity, openness and creativity of local people.

In Bristol I used to feel I was quite alternative, but in Stroud I am pretty conventional!

Music has been my constant companion since childhood - there is always a melody resonating in my head. I sang and played the piano (in the classical tradition) from a very young age, and more recently discovered the joy of singing without a score - both in community choirs and in Dances of Universal Peace. Together, music and its obverse, silence, are what nourish and sustain me, and I love to try to share this inspiration.

A couple of (unsolicited) testimonials:

Katie Lloyd-Nunn, educator and yoga teacher: John contributes significantly to the spiritual life of the Stroud area with his regular devotional singing and dance events.  His knowledge of music and his open heart combine to create a safe, welcoming space for anyone who wants to come along. No prior knowledge is needed. John's clear and patient teaching and the mindful atmosphere inspire peace and confidence so we can really be nourished by the words and harmonies of songs from TaizĂ©, Harmonic Temple, Buddhist, Sufi and other traditions. I always feel uplifted by our evenings together and I'm really grateful to John for his dedication and commitment, that I know springs from his own joy in a spiritual path.  

Jonathan Nunn, osteopath: Deeply satisfying and nourishing.