Dances of Universal Peace 

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This is a day of dances alternating with unguided sitting meditation (sesshin). I lead the dances with the support of Morag Allen on guitar and Bob Minney on accordion. The whole day is in silence (except for the dance instructions).

Many people find that this format of silent sitting for 15-20 minutes between dances deepens the whole experience of both dance and meditation, leading to a profound sense of inner harmony, beauty and unity.

Other local peace dance events -

Email Matthew Neesa or Elyn for more information about their events in Stroud, Bristol, Gloucester and Newnham-on-Severn..

About the Dances
These simple, beautiful body-prayers are open to all; each dance is taught afresh. They honour diverse spiritual traditions from all over the world, and can take us to a place of profound inner harmony.  We sing sacred mantras and make simple movements in a circle. They are a moving meditation which can help us to access deeper spiritual aspects of being than our busy analytical minds allow.

I trained as a DUP leader with Philip O'Donohoe from 2007 to 2009 and have continued leading in Stroud and beyond, both in solo sessions and shared with various other leaders.

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